Ok, yet another crappy Jopy sign in my beautiful view. I'm taking out a T$1000 hit on this guy. Go to it Mafia Hunters.

I had my first run-in with the law today. I tried to gun him down, but there were just too many witnesses. I almost ducked out into the crowd, but he spotted me and gave chase. I didn't want to make a scene, and I sure as hell wasn't going to tear him to shreds in the middle of a crowd! We may be the Mafia, but we ain't stoopid. So I stopped and played it cool. I knew he didn't have anything on me yet; well, there was that one thing... but I digress. He's called cabbage_police, and I suspect we may be hearing from his gang of law abiding thugs sometime soon. don nezroy is taking out the first Mafia hit contract, and it's on cabbage_police's head (accessible via the Services menu). Any Mafia member that tags him with a paintgun while wearing the Mafia flak jacket, and gets a screenshot to prove it, goes home T$1000 richer. Spread the word, there's a new Sheriff in town. And we don't like that.

Well, we had our first meeting, followed by explosive growth today. With a whopping six new members (check out the members page for details), I've decided to cut back on the rate of new hires. I want to see how this group turns out before looking outside the fold again. Everyone (barring a few absentees) should have gotten their Mafia flak jackets and sidearms. More info about the peace rally protection job will be forthcoming.

The Mafia is recruiting! We're looking for dedicated, loyal new members to join the family. You get free stuff for signing up, and exclusive benefits available only to the family. Check out the 'Careers' and 'Benefits' pages for detailed information about your career options. Contact us via the 'About Us' page if you're interested. Existing members, fear not. You'll get your free stuff too, just as soon as we have our first meeting sometime this weekend.

Mezameg would like the Mafia to provide "security" for the Peace rally. No one knows what this means, exactly, but I guess it entails counter-harrassment for those who would try to wreck the rally with buggies, hoverboards, etc. I think it will primarily end up being answering questions from wandering newbies about what is going on. This is a PAYING job; the current projected rate is T$500/hr (each). The rally may go up to 3 hours on 21-FEB-2003 (6:00PST - 9:00PST), so you could make T$1500.

Waiting on approval of the Mafia flak jackets. Visit nezroy's niknaks for images.