Mafia Sunset
Hatch, syn, and dominia stand proud in this Mafia sunset

So here's the dope. Your illustrious but extraordinarily busy don nezroy has, alas, decided that it is time to retire from There and the Mafia. Meatspace circumstances have conspired to consume most of my free time, some of my sleeping time, and, sadly, all of my There time. The change of leadership that must ensue will be orderly and peaceful (no snickering!). As Syn is out of town for weeks celebrating marital bliss, she cannot step into the gaping hole I'm sure that my absence will leave. The Mafia as it stands will have to sort out their leadership woes. I will pass on the family jacket to whomever has the character and presence to fill that gap. No doubt this ordeal will galvanize the strength and resolve of the Mafia members who survive it.

Another T$1500 hit contract has been taken out. Plenty of opportunities remain for Mafia Hunters to make some cash. In related news, Pip_Turner pegged The_White_Light and collected the T$5000 bounty on that contract. Great work! I have updated the hits page to include more detailed information, including additional hit guidelines. Please be sure to read these before pursuing any additional contracts. On the topic of updates, I have also reorganized the site a little bit to hopefully make it easier to find information about the services we provide and the jobs available to Mafia members. In particular, I have provided a Current Postings page that will help you quickly identify ways you can make money providing Mafia services.

One of our newest members, Bronowyn, has started the Mafia Superfund project. This effort to cleanup some of the most polluted and littered spots in There is a great way to show the community that the Mafia isn't just about breaking knee-caps! Speaking of new members, I have finally gotten around to updating the members page to reflect the latest additions to the family (now under the Intel section). Many of you do not have any screenshots or details posted about you yet. Fear not; I have plenty of pictures, and will get around to fleshing it out as time progresses. At least I got all of your names up, so we know who's who. I have been trying to slow the rate of new additions to keep the family a tight-knit group. At this point, only personal referrals will even be considered for entry to the Mafia. Please recommend only those who are absolutely committed and can provide useful skills to this criminal organization.

Finally, we are still trying to ascertain the exact nature of the TPD. As always, intelligence on this organization is a valuable commodity to the Mafia, and cash rewards are available for useful tidbits.

Alas, the deal with Baxter for the cross country rally is off for this weekend. Too little time and he managed to alter the event so as to avoid the complications. We may have future work for other rallys, though, so there will be plenty of opportunity to make money yet. And, speaking of money making opportunities, I've got another one. There's now a T$5000 bounty on The_White_Light. Make the hit and you can log-off quite a bit richer. And if you can hassle him in any other ways, well... I might sweeten the deal. This crazy suicidal maniac ruined my view with an ugly little Tiki scroll -- and that's not something I think the don can ever forgive.

In other news, I have heard rumours about something called the There Police Department (TPD). No idea what this is about quite yet, but one of our members, Kodiak, apparently managed to fight his way out of an ambush to report back some details. Anyone who can get a screenshot of any undocumented members of TPD wearing their TPD shirts will get T$500, no questions asked. Once I know a little more about this group, I think we can come up with ways to... deal with them.

As for the Peace Rally, excellent turnout both in attendance overall and in Mafia presence. Thanks to everyone who showed up. I believe all those in attendance have been paid in full; if you were there and did not get your pay, please contact me and we will take care of it.