Wherever you go, there you are.

The Winds of Jupiter The Winds of Jupiter is an in-development indie XNA game targeted to the Xbox 360 console. An arcade flight combat sim based on nostalgic love of the gameplay from Wing Commander, X-Wing, TIE-Fighter, and other classic entries in the space-sim genre.


Fashion Mash Heliostorm Digital Media, Inc. Fashion Mash is a wardrobe utility site designed to help organize and display clothing and outfits. It was developed under the auspices of our company, Heliostorm Digital Media, Inc., which closed its doors in 2008. Fashion Mash was sold to Apply Marketing Inc., the group behind the Open Fashion site.


Lucky Honu The Lucky Honu website is an I Ching Oracle divination tool. Enter a question and have the Oracle divine a prophetic hexagram based on the ancient I Ching, "Book of Changes".


Avelar's Armory Avelar's Armory is an armor and mannequin mod I built for the RPG Oblivion. It adds a shop and merchants that specialize in rare and custom armors and weaponry. Easy to use hooks for other mod authors let them distribute their custom items through this shop as well.


LuaCrypto LuaCrypto is a Lua component I wrote to provide a front-end wrapper over the OpenSSL cyrptographic library. It exposes the OpenSSL digest and random number generators.


dplay-masq The DirectPlay masquerading module is a linux kernel module I created to facilitate playing DirectPlay games behind a NAT/masquerading server. It was targeted to the 2.2.x kernel series and is now woefully out of date.


Polygons for Peace There Mafia In the world of There.com, I co-founded the virtual peace club Polygons for Peace. In entertaining contrast, I also co-founded the virtual There Mafia.